Work Processes, parallel in nature, vivid in outcome


As we have in-house team of experts and maintained the internal operations in a well manner, our work processes became easy. From designing the tasks for the projects to allocating the resources, our work processes are parallel in nature and vivid in outcome. Every process we follow has been followed  by our internal terms and every tasks we completes followed by right way of appreciation! The reason behind take proud in each project, is our work processes and our work approach.


While undertaking any projects of design and development or digital marketing, client has every rights to co-ordinate with the dedicated project manager under whom their project is on execution. While accepting the project and granting it to team members, we allocate the appropriate resource to the project as per the project’s need and client’s requirements.

The reason behind resource management for every project means, valuing the project tasks, respect the work flow, understands the team work and satisfying the client’s needs.

Thus, our work processes can handle smooth communication and helps us to complete the project within time.


We follow MVC structure process for cumbersome application development. In which every process model is handled by the the controller and view structure. Each process is recurring in the MVC structure.

Model–view-controller is a product configuration design normally utilized for creating UIs which separates the related program rationale into three interconnected components. This is done to isolate inward portrayals of data from the manners in which data is exhibited to and acknowledged from the client.

This process helps us to design and develop each complex algorithms in the designing and development.


Each project course has its own standard procedures, and consequently venture the executives isn’t an exception. Venture Management glossary contains various task the board terms that will enable the undertaking to group to institutionalize the venture’s startup procedure.

Work Breakdown structure and Milestone divide is the standard project guideline to start with. Every project has its investment and this investment needs to be divided in work breakdown structure. Every WBS has to follow standard project guidelines so project could be completed within time and within its requirements.

The standard is one of the most well known task the board terms among venture chiefs. A pattern is utilized to gauge the exhibition of the task. There are three baselines in venture the board. These are –

  • Timetable gauge
  • Cost benchmark
  • Extension gauge

While working with the processes, we ensure that NDA, a Non-Disclosure agreement fully followed. As an agreement, it is mutual contract between XtremeUX Digital Inc. and the client that no information will be leaked nor the project code will be handover to any other client.

An idea of NDA signed with starting of the project development and it will be remains as it is up-to the end of the project.

Please find attached NDA here.


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